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EII: My Trades - DOC

Today I wrote new cash secured puts on one of the Storm Portfolio target tickers, DOC, which I chose for its stable moat of medical properties that are a blend of hospitals, doctor offices, and related services facilities. This is a stable market with long term quality lessees targeting a segment largely immune to economic cycles. The 88 day contracts for 7/16/21 $17.50 @ $0.45 premium provides a 10.95% annualized yield rate on the net covering cash of $17.05 while providing 8.23% downside protection at a price point 3.6% below the YDP fair value of $17.69

Total Net Premium cash from these trades: $270.00

Total Net Premium cash for April 2021 to date: $5,760.00

Total Net Premium cash for 2021 to date: $48,990.00

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