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GWW: Continued Success At The Nexus

Originally published December 23, 2019

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This is the internet. Each line represents the connection of 2 IP address points. the clusters are each a nexus of these connections, connecting connections of connection points (such as urban area exchanges). In sum total, this is the major part of our digital world today. The clearest features (the white snow-globe looking spheres) are probably the official authoritative name servers that house the official ICAAN DNS name server tables holding the translation list from domain names to the assigned IP address that hosts them. Beyond that, clusters of clusters are present in an almost organic looking matrix of interconnections documenting the sum total of all internet traffic. This is the battle ground on which the next war will be fought. Some say that war is already quietly underway already. It is also the battle field on which today's business and commerce compete. Each point of contact is a nexus, each cluster of nexuses is itself a nexus, the structure being fractal.

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