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My Trades: GNW & MAN

Engineered Income Investing: Exclusive Premium Research – My Trades

I have rolled my GNW forward from February $3 to March $3 for a net premium of $0.09 on the net 28 day roll, giving me a 13.85% net yield on the roll as I gain extra time for some recovery in share price. Note that such a tiny premium is only worthwhile because I have 20 contracts, giving $180 so that the few dollars transaction costs remains nominal and not a big factor in my net returns. It would not pay for just a few contracts where transaction costs might eat up all your net gains.

I also did a flat forward roll on my January in the money working MAN covered calls so as to protect dividend and extend time while earning a good cash premium yield. Rolled the 9 day 1/15/21 $90 covered calls forward to 163 day 6/18/21 $90 calls for $5.25 net roll premium, giving a 14.68% roll yield to combine with the 2.41% dividend for a 17.09% total yearly yield rate.

Total Net Premium cash from these trades: $2,280.00

Total Net Premium cash for January 2021 to date: $3,050.00

Total Net Premium cash for 2021 to date: $3,050.00

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