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My Trades: GPN & FMX

Engineered Income Investing: Exclusive Premium Research – My Trades

I have begun the New Year with some new trades on existing running contracts.

I rolled my working GPN in the money covered calls forward and up from 2/19/21 $200 strike to 5/21/21 $210 for a minor net premium of $0.30 while also recapturing the $2.43 of in the money intrinsic gain.

At the same time, I did a vertical roll on my working GPN cash secured Put upward within the same expiration from its far out of the money $180 strike to a near the money $200 strike to add a net $8.20 credit on the roll for cash income and lowering my net entry cost if presented. I originally wrote this put contract with the objective of having shares presented and this is my primary reason for moving up to near the money so as to make presentation more likely than at the $180 prior strike.

I also rolled my working FMX at the money covered calls forward from 4/16/21 $75.00 to 7/16/21 $80.00 strike for a net debit cost of $0.65 so as to have the $5 potential added upside intrinsic gain on these shares at the long term picture remains for them to return at least to the pre-recession $90 price oscillator levels. I expect to further roll them towards that $90 target at later dates.

Total Net Premium cash from these trades: $770.00

Total Net Premium cash for January 2021 to date: $770.00

Total Net Premium cash for 2021 to date: $770.00

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