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Engineered Income Investing: Exclusive Premium Research – My Trades

Happy New Year. This report is to catch up a couple of year end trades I completed last week.

12/29/20 I wrote fresh covered calls on 200 shares of OMC that had been presented to me. I wrote the OMC covered calls for 4/16/21 $70.00 @ $1.30

12/30/20 I wrote a roll for my working DIS Puts from 1/19/21 $135.00 to 6/18/21 $170 @ $11.39 net credit premium for the diagonal upward forward roll.

12/30/20 I also wrote a roll on my working STWD covered calls from 3/19/21 $17.50 to 1/21/22 $22.50 @ a net debit <$1.40> for the diagonal forward roll up $5 in strike to caputre the current intrinsic gain value and added room for more upside.

I was also presented under my working puts the other 300 shares of OMC @ $75.00/share.

Total net premiums from these trades: $2,270.00

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