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My Trades - QCOM

I just flat forward rolled my working in the money GIS covered calls forward a net 189 days from July 2021 to Jan 2022 $55.00 for a net $1.32 premium,, for a 4.75% yield rate to combine with the 3.51% dividend, giving a combined 8.26% ann yield rate and some downside protection. Given it is a core holding target and YDP fair value is about $61, I would have preferred to diagonal roll upward in strike even at a bit of a net debit so as to recapture some of the intrinsic difference between my existing $55 strike and the $58 current market. However, I was enable to get such a trade (even at the quoted market money) to execute all morning so I settled for a flat forward roll to protect the dividend harvests and have downside protection for now.

Total Net Premium cash from these trades: $660.00 Total Net Premium cash for March 2021 to date: $8,485.00 Total Net Premium cash for 2021 to date: $44,824.00

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