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Premium Research Report: DWP DOPA Idea

An Olympics world class flip can bring home the gold. I have created the Dividend-Option Premium Arbitrage strategy to generate fast turn around high yield cash income at deep downside protection for low risk. The upcoming March 12, 2021 Dominos Pizza (DPZ) $0.94 dividend offers an potential DOPA trade opportunity.

Brief Summary: Our Engineered Income Investing research report of December 16, 2020 introduced Dominos Pizza (DPZ) as a Storm Portfolio target ticker due to its number one position as the world's largest pizza chain. After record making sales in 2020, the latest earnings report and call of 2/25/21 delivered a miss on revenues and earnings as the covid19 lock-down eased and dine-out rebounded somewhat, impacting popular pizza takeout/delivery alternatives. This sent DPZ shares plunging in an over reaction to this news. Fundamentals still remain robust for Dominos and it has 2021 plans in place to open a record number of new stores, pressuring competition and making rapid delivery all the more dominant. 2021 also continues DPZ investment in strategic cost reduction with robotics and drones. All this, along with the very low <25% dividend payout ratios, make DPZ a very tasty investment target at the current lowered prices. The immediate DOPA opportunity is a way to fast profits or ultra low bargain entry price.

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