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Storm Portfolio Target #14: LHX Is A Stealthy Addition To Income Portfolios

The Engineered Income Investing Storm Portfolio is designed to populate with targets that are expected to survive almost any storm, be it pandemic, global recession or even depression, political upheaval, paradigm shifts in technology, evolution of social norms and habits, war, famine, and just about anything else you can imagine this crazy world might throw at us. We don't just want a company with that kind of staying power. We want one that is likely to be able and inclined to maintain its dividend, continuing to serve up an all important income stream for us.

I have selected L3 Harris Technologies (LHX) as the 14th target ticker to consider in the EII Storm Portfolio. The company is a major player in the Defense Sector. It provides the tech in many aspects of sensors, electronics, and training systems for U.S. Defense, Aerospace, and Maritime industries, both classified and open programs. It also provides services and products to commercial aviation and maritime industries for communications, training, systems management, air traffic control, and other elements. As such, it has a huge moat of contracts across a very broad spectrum of hardware platforms developed by virtually all major and many minor defense/aerospace contractors and military commands. Its role in national defense systems make it too critical to fail also. All this translates to safe and reliable cash flows and dividends and insulation from direct impacts of economic swings.

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